Amelia Curran - Watershed


Watershed, Amelia Curran’s newest album, marks a threshold, a shake-up, a directional change. The tenor of this new album is openness (not to be confused with optimism), a reflection in part of Curran’s increasingly public efforts to battle the stigma of mental health issues in the arts. As a whole, the album calls for compassion and unification as a breakwater against the sea of cruelties we inflict upon each other, and upon ourselves.

Track Listing

1. Move A Mile

2. Watershed 

3. Sunday Bride

4. Gravity

5. Come Back For Me

6. Act of Human Kindness

7 Stranger Things Have Happened

8. No More Quiet

9. Try

10. Every Woman Every Man

11. You Have Got Each Other



Released on November 4, 2014 via Six Shooter Records. 

1. Somebody Somewhere

2. Coming For You

3. I Am The Night

4. Never Say Goodnight

5. Time, Time

6. Song On The Radio

7. The Reverie

8. The Matador

9. Fables & Troubles

10. Strike The Band

11. You've Changed

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Amelia Curran - Spectators.jpg


Released October 2, 2012

1. Years

2. What Will You Be Building 

3. The Modern Man

4. Blackbird On Fire

5. The Great Escape

6. Strangers 

7. Soft Wooden Tours 

8. San Andreas Fault

9. In A Town (200 Days) 

10. Face On The News



Released on September 1, 2009

1. Bye Bye Montreal

2. Hands on a Grain of Sand

3. Ah, Me

4. The Mistress

5. Mad World, Outlive Me

6. The Company Store

7. Julia

8. Tiny Glass Houses

9. The Dozens

10. Love's Last Regard

11. Wrecking Ball

12. Last Call



Released in 2008

1. Scattered & Small

2. The Furious Curve

3. You Won't Find Me

4. Time's a Ticker

5. Devils 

6. Everything I've Got To Give

7. All The Ladies

8. Just a Tuesday

9. Love's Gone

10. The Sunday Song